Arsene Wenger has given his support to the new “Arsenalisation” initiative. “Arsenalisation is a project bearing fruit. I’m a fan of it both outside and inside the ground. I hope that people can feel at home when they come here because the sense of history embraces them and they are where they want to be. It gives the stadium some soul and some love,” he said.

Arsenalisation in action at The Emirates Stadium

Arsenalisation in action at The Emirates Stadium


Arsenalisation is a word that could have been dreamt up by Wenger. Not many dictionaries however will have a reference to “ Arsenalisation,” but the word will begin to be a familiar one to Arsenal fans and the rest of the Premiership. Arsenalisation refers to a process currently under way at the Emirates Stadium and makes a clear statement of intent to its’ purpose.


“ Turning the Gunners’ home into a very visible stronghold of all things Arsenal through the variety of artistic and creative means,” is the official definition of Arsenalisation where every domestic and European moment of success will be celebrated in pictures or displays around the Gunners’ home. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has been at the forefront of this process and observed.


“ It’s important to recognise that our fans are at the centre of the club. Listening to our fans, we were hearing a consistent message that while the Emirates is a superb modern stadium, they want to make it more of a home.” Now fans will see reminders of Gunners’ successes like for example when Ian Wright celebrated becoming the club’s all time leading scorer, and also when a certain Thierry Henry overtook the former England marksman. Visuals of Tony Adams, Wenger himself, logos and murals will be in evidence at locations throughout the state of the art north London stadium, which is was opened only three years ago.