The failure to lift silverware has been felt by Gooners the world over, yet despite this we saw in stunning detail the global appeal of the Gunners with that sheer welcome that Arsenal received on their pre-season tour of Malaysia and China, with the players and manager were welcomed by thousands of Arsenal fans every step of the way. Over on the other side of the world in San Francisco, the home of the loyal Bay Area Gooners watched keenly. At one stage, the US provided a pre-season option for Arsene Wenger to take his team, but with so many other Premiership clubs visiting the US, perhaps Wenger will allow that in the near future.

Live screenings

Amongst those dedicated Arsenal fans in the Bay Area, Mark Barbeau remains as staunchly loyal as ever. He and the hundreds of Arsenal fans who continue to frequent North Beach’s Maggie McGarry’s for live screenings of all Arsenal matches, last season proved to be one of continued frustration.

Proud Gooner.Mark Barbeau supplies a montage of Arsenal's previous seasons

Globe Gooners

Over the summer, Arsenal-Talk caught up with our favourite Gooner across the pond and his sentiments will resonate with Gooners the globe over “ We get Arsenal fans from all walks of life in here and the hope was that last season we would finally lift a trophy under Arsene Wenger. Ok, so it didn’t happen, but why there were no new players brought into the side when the defence was an obvious concern still remains a mystery,” surmises Barbeau, who even had the UK’s Sky Sports News drop in for a chat. But how bad did it really get last season? Well such was the frustration with these die hard fans from another continent that Barbeau even admitted the heavy feelings led to a heavy defeat in the annual northern California Arsenal fans v Spurs fans fixture.

Sunny Northern California loves Arsenal they do!


For now however, Barbeau has taken a step back from in his duties with Arsenal America and approached the new season with optimism. “ Until I see a new player standing alongside Arsene Wenger and holding an Arsenal shirt, I’ll refuse to believe any of the rumours,” he insists the man who all Bay Area Gooners have come to rely of for very welcome and very early morning doughnuts and bagels.

Early starts

Supporting Arsenal from sunny northern California, well some Arsenal fans would fancy the trade off from north London, and despite the eight hour time change from London that can see kick-off times as early as 4:45am that combination suits the Bay Area Gooners just fine. With a European trip on the horizon however, Barbeau hopes to time it such that he’ll be able to take in a fixture on arrival from the US or departure to / arrival from mainland Europe, if not all three to see the mighty Arsenal. Now that’s what you call a true Gooner.

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