Arsenal concluded their Emirates Cup tournament with a 2-1 loss to Sevilla, however having scored a 5-2 win over Benfica ( and with each goal resulting in a point ) the Gunners retained their crown despite the La Liga side winning both of their games. Bundesliga side RB Leipzig were the fourth team involved. Arsenal will now turn their focus to facing Chelsea in the Community Shield at Wembley next Sunday before they kick of the new Premier League season with a Friday evening fixture against Leicester City. Wenger said his side will be ready and will not be caught out with low fitness levels or any lack of preparation as they were in last season’s opening day home loss to Liverpool. Had they won that game against the Reds, their points tally would have earned the Gunners a Champions League spot, and Wenger knows that Arsenal can ill afford to start their Premier League campaign with anything other than a win against the Foxes.

” I am sure that we will have done the needed work. Last year we went into the season with some players having a deficit in minutes played because there were only two or three players with the number of games after the European Championship. I think we have more players ready going into the competition. We have tougher games as well, we should be ready yes,” said Wenger.

Gone are the days when a short pre-season hop to Austria and the clear Alpine air was what Arsenal would undertake . You could forgive Wenger for thinking there must have been a typing error this time around, Australia? Are you sure ? Long haul pre-seasons have been the norm for many a Premier League side, yet the more Wenger resisted, the more Arsenal’s commercial department insisted that they not only cash in on trips to far flung lands, but also touch base with their overseas fan base. So Australia and China became the latest destinations for Arsenal, and that could affect the sides preparations noted Wenger.

” We had a very good record, as long as we didn’t travel. We always won our first games and since we travelled we have struggled a little bit more, but we are on the same line there as any of the other teams. Everybody travels and in fact, when you look at the international games in Asia or in the States the big teams play against each other, because only the smaller clubs have the luxury to prepare at home, but everybody else travels.”

Wenger was pleased to see Alexandre Lacazette get off the mark at the Emirates. The Gunners record signing started and is getting accustomed to his new team. Wenger will appreciate that this may take some time for Lacazette to settle,, but scoring will always help any striker in a new country.

” When he was involved, he was intelligent, he protected the ball well and he got his goal and I think it was an encouraging performance. He suffered a bit from the fact that we were a bit flat and that we were not dominating enough to get their service, but I think for him he was one of the few who had a positive game today.

“Sometimes it takes a few months, sometimes very little time. The only thing I must say with Lacazette, week after week he looks to adapt quickly but overall I think it will take him one or two months.”

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s run and cross came off Danny Welbeck for Lacazette to finish, and Wenger said that too is his forte.

” To score goals is to be in the right place when the cross comes in and he has that quality.