Arsenal 0 Manchester City 3
Bernardo Silva 15, David Silva 28, Sané 33

We could have all just stayed at home and given Manchester City the points. Judging by the empty seats at the Emirates, thousands had concluded just as much. On the pitch, and Arsenal merely opened the door and allowed City to walk all over them. When a chink of second half light appeared and Arsenal were awarded a penalty, with the game already 3-0 to the visitors at that time and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang couldn’t get beyond Ederson. The Brazilian keeper comfortably saving. Bernard Silva had given City a stunning opener, David Silva did likewise and when Leroy Sane capped off a swift passing move (yes the kind the Gunners once inflicted on their prey) the match was well and truly over. No leadership, no heart, no idea. The Gunners were firing blanks at City who had turned up with missiles. Arsene Wenger watched on, forlorn and employing methods beyond their sell by date. Pep Guradiola symbolises how the game has sprinted on as Arsenal continue in the slow lane. Following Sunday’s Carabao Cup mauling at the hands of City, Wenger felt his side would always be up against it.

“I knew that the first half could have been difficult for us because we came out of Sunday’s game with a low confidence level. They came back with a very positive mindset and that’s why they took advantage of every defensive weakness we showed in the first half. At the end of the day, I must say we lost against a top-quality team who at the moment are the best team in the country.

“On top of that, the combination of their quality plus the fact that they’re high in confidence and we’re low in confidence played a big part in the game tonight. After that, in the second half we came out and dominated well in the first 20 minutes. We needed the penalty to go in to get a bit of momentum, so that was the killer of the game after that.”

Ineligible for the Carabao Cup final, Henrikh Mkhitaryan started but even his inclusion wasn’t enough to lift a depressed Arsenal game. Going toe to toe with this City and with the 3-0 first half scoreline, you had your ruthless answer. When Bruno Otamendi felled Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang stepped up to take the penalty. Lethal from all angles with Borussia Dortmund, the Gabon striker hit tamely and Ederson pulled off a comfortable save.

Sergio Aguero could’ve inflicted further pain but Petr Cech got down well to palm away to spare further embarrassment on the home side following a swift counter attack.

Wenger backed his new signings and Özil to bounce back from this adversity and push on with the kind of game which saw the thrashing of Everton in their first outing together at Arsenal.

” They need some time to adapt and things change quickly in sport. That’s part of modern sport as well. You have to accept that. Every game you lose nowadays means you’re under big pressure. These are players who have just joined us and I’m sure they’ll do well.

The Gunners boss insisted that the need for everyone to stay together in search of a end of season winning run, with regaining the confidence the key.

“When your confidence is not at the best, the first thing that goes is your fluidity in the movement, the spontaneous side of the game. You could see that tonight. I don’t deny their quality because they have top quality, but we’re going through a difficult patch at the moment. That’s part of football as well unfortunately.”